What is MobileSP?

MobileSP is a revolutionary platform designed to enhance, inform and streamline Automotive Sales Channels for increased performance and reduced costs, by delivering the tools and information your sales channel needs, in real-time, across multiple channels and devices.

MobileSP can pull together data from multiple disconnected systems, allowing employees to make rapid, informed decisions and helping customers to get what they really need.


How does MobileSP work?

It’s a powerful engine that allows you to control your digital content, data and information and with our help, use it to create engaging delivery tools, Apps and web Apps for your dealers and customers to use across your sales channel. These tools are custom designed and built using MobileSP to meet our client’s specific needs and provide them with innovative, ground breaking and cost effective solutions. They can be deployed to any number of end-points. These could include customer facing apps, assisted sales tools, training and development courses, configurators, and how-to guides. 


We work closely with clients to understand their wants and needs.


MobileSP is a powerful engine that allows you to control your digital content, data and information.


We use MobileSP to create engaging, innovative and cost effective delivery tools and Apps for dealers and customers to use across the sales channel.


Centralised Information Management and Control


MobileSP allows you to gain control of your content, data and information and deploy it in real-time, with access control and security built-in, handling rich-media and complex variables with ease. Performance measurement, feedback and market intelligence can be gathered with seamlessly integrated communications and management modules.


Multinational Deployment

Designed from the outset for multinational deployment, MobileSP accommodates different languages, and importantly, different content per market.


Scalable and Flexible

The technology behind MobileSP is as flexible as it is powerful. Completely modular, MobileSP offers a wide range of functionality that can be added as-and-when required. The tools and apps created with MobileSP are scalable and easily adaptable for future-proofed performance.