Revolutionise Your Sales Channel With MobileSP


MobileSP for Automotive Sales Channels

Digitalisation is a big opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your sales channel.

Many things that weren’t possible in the past, will be in the future, provided you understand the technologies involved and how they could be used to increase the effectiveness of your sales channels. PHM understand the pinch points in the customer retail journey and how digitalisation can ‘connect’ the customer at each stage to enhance customer experience and a more effective sales channel.


Retail Journey

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MobileSP is a custom built set of tools that can be embedded into highly complex work flows - to make them more effective.

PHM Connected Retail Journey enhanced by MobileSP

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MobileSP Saves Time and Money

The sales and service tools that are powered by MobileSP can be deployed in workflows rapidly and make a big difference fast! And through cost efficiencies in delivery information and functionality, can save money in many areas.


Designed for the Automotive Industry

Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time, can make all the difference in the sales process, from dealers requiring the latest competitive comparison to customers expecting up to date delivery timings. Maintaining control and ensuring the accuracy of that information, however, is a considerable task.

That’s why we designed MobileSP.